Yeah, I'm From Toledo

Toledo, Ohio as told through gifs.

When U-Verse Almost Got Me to Leave Buckeye But I Changed My Mind

U-Verse came to my door last night and gave me the dog and pony show about how they’re laying fiber optic cable and my speeds will be so fast I’ll shit bricks and fuck Buckeye because their speeds are slow as shit and Game of Thrones should never be pixelated all to hell. They were offering me a $100 gift card to cover installation and cheaper HBO and a rate that was a dazzling $8 cheaper than my current bill. But you know what? I didn’t do it.

I like to hate on Buckeye a lot, but at the end of the day, they’re a local company creating local jobs. I like knowing that should the need arise to shout at someone in person, I can do that at their Southwyck office.

But mostly local jobs. Let’s go with that.

When I Realize It’s YIFT’s One Year Anniversary

You know it’s a big deal when I have to use a Manson gif to explain how I feel. To tell you the truth, it’s been a crazy ride. This Tumblr started out as a diversion from a summer course I was taking and turned into something much more. I can honestly say I didn’t think anyone was paying attention at the beginning. I was convinced I’d end up abandoning because while it made me laugh, I couldn’t be sure anyone else enjoyed it. What’s the point of sharing something if you’re the only one getting anything out of it? But you were paying attention, and you guys are the reason I keep going. It can be challenging to come up with posts at times, but then someone in the city does something stupid or something “so Toledo” happens and I’m right back at it. You’ve been so kind and supportive over the last year. Thank you for being as big a fan of the city as I am.