Yeah, I'm From Toledo

Toledo, Ohio as told through gifs.

Brace Yourselves. 419 Day is Coming.

I was asked today whether I plan on giving some love to all the 419 Day happenings. To which I will respond:


I just don’t know how to express 419 Day in gif form though. I’m going to sleep on it. Maybe I’ll put a Wixey donut under my pillow tonight for inspiration.

For now, thanks to upso for making it ridiculously easy for me to share all this great information with you so you can consume 419 Day content on the digital platform of your choosing.

When Toledo Was Ranked 7th Fattest City in America

Meanwhile, the rest of the country is like:

Hey, I’m fat. You’re fat (probably). Let’s be the kind of friends who work out and then get pizza afterwards. We’ll never be perfect, but we can try.